It's not Your body, It's the Bra.

Shockingly, the bra industry typically only tests on a 12B model (34B). We've done the opposite, fitting hundreds of real bodies.

The result: your best-ever fit.

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Hi there The OneTwo team! Your bras…are genuinely life changing. I'm serious, no hyperbole. The Le Original is truly chef's kiss. I loved wearing the Le Original so much I basically put in another order straight away!

Cindy B
Le Original, 5.4

The bras are great —the most comfortable underwire bras I’ve ever owned. I have a slightly larger left breast than right and I find the size I chose fits both well. Overall, very happy with my purchases!

Maria R
Le Curve, 7.11

It is everything you suggested it was Margot, glad I tried it! The test for me is I didn’t notice it wearing it all day at work, after weeks of just wearing sports bras .. I even rode home in it without thinking. Thank you

Bianca P
Le Original, 4.3

Just received it today and it's perfect! Can't believe how comfortable these underwire bras are- I've NEVER been able to wear underwire as they have always been so uncomfortable. Thank you!

Liv S
Le Original, 4.2

I love my OneTwo bras. I bought two a few weeks ago and they're great. Comfortable, stylish and they do the job perfectly. I'm very happy with them. Looking forward to the next one.

Stefanie Kenyon
Le Original, 5.7

I love the bra so much. Serious gamechanger. The only thing I had to get used to was the "not getting used to" a bra, if that makes sense. I have had to get out of the habit of playing with the straps and actively stop myself from wiggling the centre gore into place because I have always always always had to make these adjustments, it's part of muscle memory. I had no idea I had normalised being uncomfortable.

Jeanine Howton
Le Original, 3.3


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