Our Story


It all started when the best-fitting, but much loathed polyester push bra I'd been wearing was discontinued I decided to invest some time in finding a bra I could enjoy wearing.

My criteria was simple. I wanted it to be beautiful, comfortable and work under clothes. I was travelling for work, so I searched in Sydney, New York, London... to no avail. As a work-around I started customising bras so they'd fit me. Ripping out narrow wires and replacing them with wider ones, tightening backs. I assumed that I had an unusual body that required special bras.

Then I started mentioning it quietly to my friends. And one-by-one, they consistently responded that they shared my problem. That, like me, they'd go into a department store and try on 10+ bras only to buy the least-bad one.

I kept going deeper and ended up in the U.K. doing a bra fitting course, then in China observing the manufacturing process. At some point I became so intrigued that I quite my job to focus on this mystery. My friends were piling on asking for help going shopping.

I ended up starting a custom bra project to test if it was possible to create something better. The project created raving fans and it was time to get serious.

Enter Maria:

I'd just come back from New York where I'd been a co-founder of a couture fashion brand, Jahnkoy, which had achieved critical acclaim challenging the fashion industry norm of over-consumption. 

When I met Margot I was excited by the ambition she had and how we could be an all-women team taking on what had been a male-dominated space for way too long! It's almost unbelievable to me still that 8/10 lingerie CEOs are men. 

To begin with, I didn't even realise that I had a problem with bras. Then Margot fitted me and suddenly the fit felt really good. For me it was that the cups no longer gaped, my straps were stable and it all just felt comfortable. Despite ordering the newest and greatest bras from all over the world, I couldn't bring myself to wear any other product. 

As a partnership, things fell into place really fast and really naturally. We are both so excited and motivated to create a better service for women, more sustainably and while giving back to women in need. This industry needs to be disrupted and we're so excited to deliver something better.