The surprising solution to slipping bra straps

Article published at: Feb 9, 2023 Article author: Margot Balch Article tag: Bra fit
The surprising solution to slipping bra straps
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Do you suffer from the annoyance of slipping bra straps? Today I'll talk about the three common causes of slipping straps and how to banish this niggle from your life.

There are three root causes of slipping straps:

1. The straps are too long for you

This is the reason most of us assume is causing our slipping straps. You can tell when this is the case because the straps are loose when you first put the bra on. There is no tension on the elastic of the strap at all when you're standing normally and you can even fit a few fingers or maybe your whole hand under the strap without pulling on the elastic. 

As bras age their elastic stretches, so you will need to gradually tighten the straps as you wear your bra to compensate for the stretching and maintain a consistent fit. 

If it takes over an hour after you've put your bra on for your straps to slip, or if you first feel your straps digging and then they start slipping a lot, read on to the most common cause..

2. The straps are based too far apart on your bra 

This isn't common, but it does sometimes happen that bra companies place their straps too wide for your size on your back. The result, especially if you have downward slanting shoulders, is that the straps fall off quick smart, no matter how much you tighten them.

3. You are wearing your straps too tight

The most common, and most surprising, cause of straps slipping is actually wearing them too tight. When straps are too tight they pull your bra band up your back, if your band is the right size you may then get painful strap digging as it drags the bra up as well as painful digging into your back tissue. If your band is too big (a very common fit mistake), it will move up happily and quickly, giving room to the straps so they suddenly slip off your shoulders. 

So counter-intuitively, it may be that the solution to your slipping straps is to actually make them longer.