How to put your bra on

Article published at: Jan 10, 2023 Article author: Margot Balch Article tag: New bra
How to put your bra on
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So your gorgeous new bra has arrived, what now? Today I'll kick off a series of posts on how to wear your bra starting with how to put your bra on.

By: Margot Balch, Co-Founder The OneTwo


1. Loosen off the straps the whole way

Like all elastic on a bra, straps will stretch with time. You should wear them on a looser setting to begin with and then tighten them over time. 

Think you need them fully tight? You've probably been wearing your bra wrong - that is to say there is a more comfortable balance of tension for most women. If you need them that tight for the bra to fit, that means you've been wearing the wrong size. 


2. Put the back of your bra on low and firm

Most women wear their bra bands far too high up our backs. This doesn't support your wires evenly and can cause a huge number of fit issues - from slipping straps to wires that dig in painfully.

The top of your bra band should sit 3 full finger widths under the bottom of your shoulder blades. 

Your bra band should feel nice and firm. If you're wearing it already on the tightest hook, that means you need to go down a band size.


3. Pull the cups into place

There are a few steps to getting your cups sitting correctly. Firstly you need to scoop your breast tissue up and in. This involves leaning forward, putting your opposite hand all the way under the underwire, and pulling your breast tissue into the cup. Once you've done this, if you're busty, you may also want to push the top of the breast tissue sideways a little into the cup.

Make sure the wire is sitting directly at the bottom of the breast (we call this the breast root).


4. Tighten the straps (maybe...if you need to)

Finally, if your straps are loose, you may want to tighten them slightly. As a guide the absolute maximum you should be tightening straps on a new bra is halfway - and that's only if you're really tiny. I usually wear my straps fully loose for the first few days of wear. 

Now you're good to go! How does it fit? Are your breasts supported but not overflowing the cups? Does the band feel comfortable? Wear the bra like this for a few minutes through to an hour to get a feeling for what it's like on you. If the cups don't fit when you have put the bra on in this way, it means you'll need a different sized cup. The band should be really snug and ideally on the loosest hook or needing an extender (then on the first hook of the extender) to maximise the life of your bra.

Enjoy your new bra! And remember, if it's not still feeling great, we're happy to exchange it for another size within a month of wear.