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TOT 3.3 / 10C / 32C

Hi Margot, Maria & Totti
I recently received my first onetwo bra and it is great, immediately comfortable. I choose size 3.3 after consultation (my regular bra is a 10C). The band is very comfortable on the first setting and may need to make tighter as time goes on.I have today reordered in three more colours :)
Thanks again for the great bra!
Kind regards

TOT 3.3 / 10C / 32C

Hey! Quick note to say I’ve been loving the bra, so comfy! OMG Maria!!!

TOT 3.3 / 10C / 32C

Hi Margot, Maria and Totti,
So happy that you’ve set up the website, I have just put an order in!
The best part of ordering from you was the fitting advice you offered. It was an absolute game changer. I think the small-busted can be overlooked in the fitting process and my one two bra fits perfectly.
The only very small issue is that the top (non-elastic) part of the straps wrinkles during wear. Only mentioning to help; it hasn’t prevented me buying a couple more.
All the best,

TOT 3.3 / 10C / 32C

Hi Margot,
These bras are magnificent! The 32C’s are insanely comfortable and I love the colours.
Thank you for making these.

TOT 3.4 / 10D / 32D

Dear Margot,

I received the bra and panties a couple weeks ago.

They are both awesome!!

I have never owned a Bra that has such good fit and looks amazing! I can wear it all day, and it will not be uncomfortable. I do not need to take it off as soon as I get home, AND it has such a good hold.

There is only one thing wrong... I need more, and several colours if possible!

Where can I buy more?The panties are also amazing.Thank you for such great work and congratulations!


TOT 4.4 / 12C / 34C

Dear team,

Started a new job today and matched it with my new One Two. Super comfy, not one adjustment all day and even scored a compliment on how well my dress was sitting.

Thank you! G.

TOT 5.7 / 14DD / 36DD


I loved the whole packaging and everything about them, I wear them 2-3 times a week. Never have any back pain or anything annoying even after a 10-12 hour day.

I really want to give gift cards to other women for Xmas? Thought you should include a print out in your packaging or something.

Absolutely love it honestly - how’s it going for you guys?

Keen for black and beige if you’re expanding the range. Absolutely LOVE THE PANTONE RED!


TOT 6.7 / 16D / 38D

Hi Margot

Just received my package. Have tried the bra and panties on but will get my daughter to take some photos. The bra fits beautifully and is very comfortable. The higher waisted panties fit me best but I would like a bit more fabric at the back but that could be my age talking.

Best wishes


TOT 6.8 / 16DD / 38DD

I love my new One Two bra.

I have honestly never had a bra so comfortable, especially since I have been adult enough to actually NEED to wear one.

I can comfortably wear it all day without pinching or needing to loosen it.

I also have narrowing of the oesophagus and THIS is the only bra I've been able to comfortably eat while wearing, without severe discomfort.

Finally, thanks so much for the additional 1-2-1 personal advice regarding fitting and measuring - it certainly worked.

Thank you so much.

Mica May - UK

aged 65.


TOT 4.6 / 12DD / 34DD

Hi team,
Apologies for the late reply.
I love my bras! They really feel luxurious, but at the same time like wearing nothing at all. Well done!


TOT 4.8 / 12F / 34DDDD/F

Hi again Maria and Margot,
Confirming I've received the replacement bra and it fits much better this time. Again thank you, I'm really blown away by the quality and will very much be purchasing more in the future.
Have a great day!



TOT 7.7 / 18C / 40C

Dear Margot, Maria & Totti,
The colour is beautiful (Warmed by the sun) and the fit was spot on. From my original quiz you suggested a different size via email before purchase was confirmed which I *think* I went with and you were spot on! Love the style and I think I’ve found my forever go-to bra now!
I’ll be sure to order again.
Thanks again
Kind regards



TOT 7.9 / 16F / 38F

Hi Maria.
I just wanted to let you know my bras turned up. They are perfect and fit perfectly and so comfy!
Thank you so much for all your help!



TOT 8.9 / 18E / 40E

Hi Maria,
I have the new bra on and it feels so comfortable and fits so well, like a second skin.
I love the colour and the details and will wear it a lot!
Thank you for giving me a chance to try a different size for me!



TOT 8.10 / 20DD / 42DD

Hi Maria,
Yes, the package arrived and the bras are great. Much more comfortable than other underwire bras.
Thanks so much for your help.
Best wishes



TOT 8.11 / 20E / 42E

Just wanted to jump on here and say I love the items I received! The band of the bra is the most comfortable I’ve ever worn, and the underwear is a perfect fit with no roll-down, something I struggle with a lot. The colours are so warm and flattering. The cup size I ordered ended up being a little bit too big but that’s due to some hormonal fluctuation I’m going through at the moment, so I’m keeping the bras for the hormonal times and I’ll be buying some more in a smaller size. Thanks so much, Margot and Maria!